flies to 3 different countries in 3 mins

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—Nada es imposible. —A ver rascate la espalda con la rodilla, positivo de mierda.


Si nada es imposible, es posible de que exista lo imposible, JÁ.

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I made the mistake of looking into its eyes, each like a sun concentr8ted into a small jewel, as two hot garnets searing through a 8lack veil. I shut mine quickly, 8ut the more sensitive of them was 8urned irrepara8ly.

As promised (I think I mentioned something, anyway), a gif per sequence to keep me going. uvu You already got Mindfang blowing a kiss, and chucklevoodoos, and now the dangers of looking a dragon in the eye.

Don’t do that.

Eh?! Are you really crying!!?

Retrace XCVII: I am

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