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Hello mister Joker

2 new poster that will be available at otakuthon or FAn expo this year ^o^


Lately I’ve wanted to eat watermelon, but it’s so hard for me to walk one home.


oh levi you pretty creep

Pandora Hearts Commemorative Fanbook Poll/Survey Information Masterpost!


Let’s start the special, urgent planning of Pandora Hearts’ Commemorative Fanbook, which goes on sale this winter!!



A. Oz Vessalius - “Hey, everyone smile!” B. Alice – A meat loving girl! C. Gilbert Nightray - “OZ!!”

D. Xerxes Break (Kevin) – Pandora’s strongest [fighter]. E. Sharon Rainsworth – A genuine lady <3

F. Reim Lunettes – Middle management = he is the strongest G. Rufus Barma - “I want to be the Best Combination along with Sheryl!!!!”

H. Sheryl Rainsworth - “Oh dear! <3 How embarrassing.” I. Ada Vessalius - “This is my true appearance” <3

J. Oscar Vessalius – A mature, honorable man!! K. Vincent Nightray - “My brother and I make the best combination, right.”

L. Echo – “Saying this probably…won’t even really matter….But, Echo thinks, Master Oz’s smile, more than anyone’s, is definitely…”

M. Noise – “In the end, everyone will be my echo.” N. Elliot Nightray – “My favorite flower is Statice.” (Cat: SFX: peroperopero -rub, rub, rub- Elliot: “Haha, what are you doing, you!”

O. Leo (Glen Baskerville) – Two charms, two faces. P. Jack Vessalius – Foul play? I appeal with the utmost beauty.

Q. Oswald (Glen Baskerville) - “………” R. Lacie – “Will you give my song a listen?”

S. Levi (Glen Baskerville) – The face of a novelist. T. The Will of the Abyss - “I want this feeling to reach you.”

U. Cheshire Cat – Complete resurrection!!! V. Lotty – “Boys!” <3 W. Lily – “Bloomers Identity!”

X. Dug – Surprisingly, he can move! Y. Fang – The Baskervilles’ number one gentleman.

Z. Isla Yura - “You weren’t going to forget about little ol’ me, right?” *Others: If you pick this one I will be happy.


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Tuzki ♥ Milk

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ph-fanfest Prompt 2

Break gets so sick he doesn’t go to his usual work at the studio today- which makes Sharon and Reim hurry back home to take care of their beloved person. He sucks at it, so who else is left?

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